TrackWing® Vacuum Mount System™
TrackWing® Vacuum Mount System™
TrackWing® Vacuum Mount System™
TrackWing® Vacuum Mount System™
TrackWing® Vacuum Mount System™
TrackWing® Vacuum Mount System™
TrackWing® Vacuum Mount System™

TrackWing® Vacuum Mount System™

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We've completely shocked the world with our patent pending Vacuum Mount System for temporarily mounting almost any off the shelf universal wing onto your trunk with absolutely NO drilling!

You simply bolt your wing of choice to our Vacuum mounts instead of bolting directly to your trunk.  This gives you a solid temporary mount (8+ hours) with flexibility to quickly Install/ remove the wing without drilling into your car and fumbling with fasteners.

If you've always wanted to run a wing but you never felt comfortable drilling into your car, now is your chance to do what you've always wanted to do with no regrets later.

Key benefits

  • 8+ hours of holding between repumps depending on paint conditions.
  • You can easily remove the wing and add it at will.
  • You will preserve the conditon and resell value of your car.
  • 1 wing can now be moved and used on multiple cars.
  • You can now experiment with different wings on the same car without adding more holes.
  • High quality manufacturing. CNC Machined out of billet Aircraft grade Aluminum right here in the USA and Class 2 anodizing. 
  • All fastening hardware is American made 316 stainless steel.
  • Certified for use up to 180MPH


Do not use on a vinyl wrapped trunk.  Your wrap will probably be ruined and your VMS will most certainly lose vacuum.


1.)  The pedestal to pedestal distance has to allow for the Vacuum pads to sit within the edges of the trunk.  If the suction cups overlap any pannel gaps, the vacuum pads will not make a seal and consequently will not hold.

2.)  The trunk must be relatively flat. If there is excessive curvature the vacuum pads won't be able to make a seal. (I'm looking at you New toyota Supra)

What to do? 

Measure your trunk length (front to back).

The VMS needs a minimum of 9.5" in trunk length to make a seal.

Measure your trunk width (side to side).

The VMS cannot overlap the edges of the trunk because the vacuum pads wouldn't make a seal.  We recommend a universal wing for most applications because the pedestal to pedestal distance is usually narrower.  Sometimes you can find a model specific wing that has an even more favorable (shorter) pedestal to pedestal distance.  The suction cups extend 4" from the outside of the pedestal on both sides, adding 8" total to the width. 



So how do you know if your wing of choice will fit?

The pedestal to pedestal distance + 8" must be shorter than your trunk width so the entire assembly can fit on your trunk.